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High Ankle Sprain


Welcome to Spectrum Therapeutics of NJ's informative blog, where we delve into the world of high ankle sprains and the crucial role physical therapy plays in the recovery process. High ankle sprains, also known as syndesmotic sprains, are complex injuries involving the ligaments connecting the tibia and fibula bones above the ankle joint. These injuries typically result from sports activities, falls, or accidents and are often more severe than traditional ankle sprains, requiring specialized treatment.


Recognizing a high ankle sprain is essential. Look out for symptoms like pain and swelling above the ankle joint, difficulty bearing weight on the affected foot, and limited ankle mobility. In severe cases, instability and difficulty walking may also occur.


Diagnosing a high ankle sprain involves a physical examination and imaging tests, such as X-rays or MRIs. Our healthcare professionals carefully assess tenderness, swelling, and ankle range of motion to confirm the diagnosis and rule out fractures or other injuries.


The key to recovery is managing pain, reducing swelling, and promoting ligament healing. Our treatment options include:

  1. Rest and Ice: Initially, resting the affected foot and applying ice packs are essential to minimize swelling and discomfort.

  2. Compression and Elevation: Wearing a compression bandage and elevating the foot further aids in reducing swelling.

  3. Medications: Over-the-counter pain relievers, like ibuprofen, can effectively manage pain.

  4. Physical Therapy: Our experienced physical therapists play a crucial role. They focus on strengthening ankle muscles, improving range of motion, and preventing future injuries.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Our tailored rehabilitation exercises are designed to accelerate the healing process:

  • Ankle Pumps: Use ankle muscles to raise and lower your heel while sitting with your foot flat on the floor.
  • Toe Curls: Sit with your foot flat and curl a towel or small ball using your toes.
  • Heel Raises: Stand facing a wall and raise your heel off the floor with your calf muscles.
  • Balance Exercises: Enhance stability by standing on one foot.
  • Stretching: Gently stretch your ankle by pulling your toes toward your shin.


Recovery duration varies based on injury severity, typically taking 6 to 8 weeks for ligaments to heal. Our physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises expedite recovery and reduce the risk of future injuries.


High ankle sprains demand specialized care. Rest, ice, compression, elevation, and dedicated physical therapy are essential components of rehabilitation. If you suspect a high ankle sprain, consult a healthcare provider promptly for an accurate diagnosis and a customized treatment plan.

Don't let a high ankle sprain hold you back from a full recovery. Contact Spectrum Therapeutics of NJ for expert guidance and support on your journey to healing.

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